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Jacob Gildor (b. 1948) is an Israeli artist, representative of the Surrealist movement in Israeli art and of the group of “Second Generation” of Holocaust survivors artists. He is a professional Art advisor and Art consultant at Montefiore Auction House, Tel Aviv and Macdougall's Fine Art Auctions, London. Gildor resides works and creates in Tel Aviv.


Jacob-Yosef Gildengorin was born in the German town of Feuchtwangen. His parents were both holocaust survivors who met after the war. Both were the soleremnant of their families. In 1948 the Gildengorin family immigrated to Israel after the birth of their first son, Jacob. They initially settled in Tel Aviv and later on moved to Holon. A year later, his brother, Michael, was born. The Children were given a secular education and were raised in a house where work and education were of the highest priorities. The parents' horrific past no longer existed, and it was never discussed in the presence of the children. Nevertheless, in the daily routine there were many references to theirbeing a Second generation of Holocaust survivors.


The family moved to the center of Holon and later bought a Café in Tel Aviv, “Café Atara”. A few years later they invested in a café and bakery on Yefet Street in Jaffa which was considered at that time a crime, drugs and prostitution area. It was in this Café that Jacob started his drawing and painting career.

In 1962, at the age of 14, Jaffa's colorful characters sitting in his father's café were his inspiration. Jacob completed his high school education at the early age of 17 and had one year left before military enrolment. He applied to the Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem and was accepted and placed in the second year. However, deciding to take a different route, Jacob chose to start law studies in Tel Aviv University. He continued his studies while serving as a combat paramedic in 699, the IDF’s Airborne Rescue and Evacuation Unit. He finished is law studies at 1971 and worked as a lawyer for 14 years in “Ha’Sneh” company. The turning point arrived at the age of 40 when he retired from his work and decided to devote his time to art.


Jacob's first Solo exhibition of paper work, drawings and monotypes was held in 1968 in Bet Hachayal in Tel Aviv under the patronage of the IDF’s Chief Education Officer.


In 1971 Gildor was invited by the Surrealist artist and teacher, Prof. Ernest Fuchs, to Riechenau, a quiet Austrian town on the Alps foothills, to learn the master’s unique technique in Tempra. A close friendship was bonded among the teacher and student which opened the young artist to the Surrealist movement.

Jacob and Hava Gildor at Reichenau An der Raxin 1971

Prof. Ernst Fuchs and Jacob Gildor Holon 1980


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